Saturday, June 30


I awoke this morning to the sound of my mobile phone ringing. I was not to make it in time to answer the call, but from the messages that followed it was evident that my friends had been receiving their results and wished to share the good news. I was not to receive my results until a few hours later.

I passed the time drinking a cup of tea and taking phone calls from friends, all of whom passed the year. I was not nervous about finding out my results, rather I was becoming more impatient.

I have passed the year with a high 2:2. All my exam results came in above 60%, so I know that next year I have to put more time towards my assignments. However, I would think that having done our assignments only two or so months into the course and our exams towards the end of the year, that we would develop in our abilities as time went on. I hope then that I can use the experience I have gained from this year to make sure that my assignments do not let me down next time.

I know I could have done better. Plenty of time to improve.

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Anonymous said...

Hi LS,


Just one thing: surely, if your results are all over 60%, you are on a 2:1, not a high 2:2!!!

Your first year is all about collaring the skills you'll need to tackle the things that lie ahead, and you seem to have done that in spades; the thing now is to sustain and then to improve upon it - and I'm sure you'll have no problem doing that!!