Thursday, September 20

Year Two Begins

As is normally the case I begin my post by making mention of how long it has been since my last. There is not much that might be said on the subject of my Law study over the summer that is of interest to my readers.

It might be worth mentioning however that I have undertaken some work experience and mini-pupillages which have proved to be very helpful in determining the career I wish to pursue. Thankfully I didn't spend much time making cups of tea, though I did seem to find myself stuck to the photocopier for a week at one firm.

My course starts again in the next two days, which I await with eager anticipation. This year will have a great bearing on where I can go with my degree, and I intend to make it the most out of it.

I should be posting an awful lot more in a week or so, once I get stuck into the course again.

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