Saturday, June 30


I awoke this morning to the sound of my mobile phone ringing. I was not to make it in time to answer the call, but from the messages that followed it was evident that my friends had been receiving their results and wished to share the good news. I was not to receive my results until a few hours later.

I passed the time drinking a cup of tea and taking phone calls from friends, all of whom passed the year. I was not nervous about finding out my results, rather I was becoming more impatient.

I have passed the year with a high 2:2. All my exam results came in above 60%, so I know that next year I have to put more time towards my assignments. However, I would think that having done our assignments only two or so months into the course and our exams towards the end of the year, that we would develop in our abilities as time went on. I hope then that I can use the experience I have gained from this year to make sure that my assignments do not let me down next time.

I know I could have done better. Plenty of time to improve.

Thursday, June 28

The Wait

It has been two months since I began to sit my exams, and around five weeks since they finished. I am not and have never been obsessed with the arrival of my exam results. I don't spend the time before I get results going over the questions in my head attempting to work out how I may have done.

However, now I have waited some six weeks for my results I have begun to want them more. It is with much annoyance therefore, that I learnt that the day I would recieve my results coincides perfectly well with the postal strike which is taking place tomorrow.

The wait continues...

Tuesday, June 12

Boring my friends with Law - One at a time

It's been a few weeks since my last post. I never did post with too great a frequency as it was, but what with my first year being over there is little on the law side of things to write about. I am off to do some work experience next week, so that might be worth a mention.

I could perhaps start to write about legal developments and other such matters, but I feel that I am still inexperienced and my opinions are likely to be somewhat pointless. On the subject I would, however like to make mention of something I noticed earlier. I was checking BBC Parliament to see if anything interesting was being debated, only to see the Serious Crime Bill (I am fairly certain that was it's name) having it's second reading in the House of Commons. There could have been no more than 10 other members of Parliament present and listening to the Bill.

I was watching this at a friend's, much to their annoyance. Despite her protests that I returned the channel to the Apprentice, she did seem interested in the idea that this may be an important piece of legislation that has produced a very small turn out. This seems to be the exception to the norm though as most people I speak with on the subject will dismiss it out of hand as 'boring' or 'not something I'm interested in'.

Personally I can't see why people wouldn't want to know how their democratically elected representatives are acting on their behalf.