Thursday, June 28

The Wait

It has been two months since I began to sit my exams, and around five weeks since they finished. I am not and have never been obsessed with the arrival of my exam results. I don't spend the time before I get results going over the questions in my head attempting to work out how I may have done.

However, now I have waited some six weeks for my results I have begun to want them more. It is with much annoyance therefore, that I learnt that the day I would recieve my results coincides perfectly well with the postal strike which is taking place tomorrow.

The wait continues...


Michael said...

I know the feeling; I twigged the same thing just a few days ago. What a pisser! Still, there's always the chance to call up your scheme leader and say that you've heard other people on you course have been notified of their results by phone and you are going on holiday tomorrow etc etc. and they might let you have them early. I've tricked them into that before but have over-played my ace card, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

You're quite right about bloody results - the longer you have to wait for them, the more you want them to drop through the letterbox!
Perhaps the dreaded envelope has skillfully managed to evade the forthcoming postal strike and will land on your doorstep tomorrow - in which case, I'm absolutely positive that you'll be FINE!!!
Even if they DON'T turn up tomorrow, you will still be FINE!!
( wanna wait for my first year BVC results?!?! I dont get them till SEPTEMBER!! Go figure!!)
Lots of Luck,

Android said...

Why can't they just send you results by email?! That's pathetic.