Wednesday, May 23

Law Student - An Insight

After reading a comment I received on my last post, I decided that it might be an idea to explain slightly more about my life. It must first be pointed out that my blog is written from the perspective of someone studying law. This will give rise to a rather two-dimensional portrayal of myself. Most things that have happened to me whilst a student are omitted and only the parts (generally) that relate to my study of law are written about. This post is however, intended to be different.

When I write about how I'm studying for next year's exams whilst barely out of my first year, it does not explain how I am to go about it. Despite the number of my friends, much like anyone, I need my alone time. Time when I can just relax. This is usually mid afternoon, and lasts until early evening. That is the time you will find me buried in books. Shortly after that you will find me ready for a night out, when I meet with half a dozen or so friends and go to the local bars and then enter a club. I don't write about any of this because it's just not what my blog is about. No one wants to read of another person being face down in a pool of their own vomit, or how many scuffles and scrapes people get into - Well they might, but that's not what this blog is for.

I also never write about my love-interests. I had one, but shortly before my exams I put an end to it. Not because I am a nerd and wanted to focus my attention on work, but because it was no longer working.

One thing that has begun to play a large part in my life is the feeling that unless I really try and do all that I can, I will not make it to where I want to be. If that means I have to spend a couple of hours a day studying whilst everyone else is watching Neighbours, then so be it. I would much rather spend a little time each day trying to get to where I want to be, than not and end up somewhere I don't.

I make no bones about it, I am a nerd - When it comes to my studies. The rest of life is fairly well rounded. I plan on succeeding that's all.


Gavin Whenman said...

Nothing to be ashamed of Law Student - that anonymous guy on the other post clearly has nothing better to do with *his* life than make insulting comments on blogs :-)

Law Bore said...

Le Geek c'est chic.

Contrary to popular opinion I am living proof that geeks can have a busy social life and amorous interests.

Geekery is the new black.

Embrace your inner geek.

Hell, I even read comics when I'm not reading law books.

Keep the good work up, if you want to go to the bar then it's all the more important that you make sure that you do well next year.

Tort is a fabulous subject - sort of like the 'You've Been Framed' of legal disciplines. Watch out for toilet related incidents.

Your challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to track down the source of the following quotation.

“The plaintiff then was minded to visit the public lavatory owned and operated by the defendants. [...] She went to the furthest cubicle, and on entering the lavatory put a penny in the slot provided for the purpose, opened the door, went in, and found that the door had shut and left her with no means from the inside of re-opening it. It then appears that she spent some time in trying to attract attention orally and visually from the window in the lavatory, and, that having failed, proceeded to try to see if she could escape via the door, or make her presence known from or over the door. She stood with her left foot on the seat of the lavatory. With her left hand she seized the pipe from the lavatory cistern. Her right hand she put on top of the door, and her right foot rested on the toilet roll and the small fixture in which it was inserted. She had got so far in the belief that she would be able by a feat not too acrobatic to get out over the door, which was seven feet high and left a space of about two feet four inches between the top of the door and the ceiling. Having arrived in the posture which I have stated, she concluded, quite rightly, that the feat which she had envisaged was not within the bounds of her performance, and she then proceeded to start to regain the ground. It was at that stage, or very shortly afterwards, that the misfortune occurred; for she allowed some degree of her weight to be on the toilet roll, and her balance to depend on it. The toilet roll, true to its mechanical requirement, rotated, and that unfortunately disturbed her equilibrium. She fell and sustained injury.”

Android said...

Just ignore them. Law geeks are the best